Town Plan Survey Results

The results of our Town Plan survey, as of April 25, are posted here, or at the link on the side of the page (“TCN Town Plan Survey.”) A total of 95 people responded to the online survey between February and March. While the answers are by no means meant to speak to the entirety of Charlotte’s […]

Chapter 2: Dichotomies (Second Part)

It’s just before 11 a.m. at the Charlotte Senior Center, and there’s a low-key buzz throughout the building. In the kitchen, volunteers slice bread, stir pots of North Country bean soup and set out plates for the day’s meal. In the opposite wing of the building, a yoga class is in session behind closed doors. […]

Editorial: Finding the Middle Ground

I recently heard a story that I find fascinating. Charlotte’s 1939 Town Hall, which now serves as CCS’s library, was built near the geographic center of the community, a symbolic location meant to serve as the meeting ground for East and West Charlotte in more than one sense. Is this true? I’m not sure, but […]

Chapter 2: Dichotomies

It’s a cold Thursday night in February, and a group of six Charlotte 20-somethings are gathered at the home of Michael Haulenbeek and Vera Simon-Nobes on Mt. Philo Road. It’s a potluck gathering, and the night’s meal consists mostly of locally sourced meat, vegetables and beer—a menu consistent with the localvore ethos of the group. […]

Chapter 1: Which Way Forward?

As Charlotte’s Planning Commission begins a potentially far-reaching revision to the Town Plan—the first major rewrite of the document in nearly 15 years—Charlotters divided by class, politics and topography face an important question: What do they want their town to become? This is the first in a multipart series of articles that will explore Charlotte’s […]